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Cgm is dead, long live pgm

October 6, 2006

It’s time to face up to the fact that many of us are starting to get sick of this whole CGM thing (that’s the consumer created ads part of it), as one brand after the next jumps onto the gravy train in order to gain a flickering moment of attention.

We need a moment of honest reflection before the Chevy and Doritos induced madness that will be the 2007 Superbowl, which Influx predicts, will be the end of the 15 months of fame for CGM as a true advertising medium.

What’s not going away is deeper integration of consumers into the marketing process. We certainly need to do more to close the gap that exists between them, but getting them to make ads on the cheap is not the answer.

One thing this movement has given rise to is the Pro-Am, who is the new creative auteur. The individual who works in a bank by day and at night works wonders with a bit of Flash and After Effects.

These Pro-Ams, as our friends at UK think-tank Demos call them, are the real life-blood of this movement, the truly, fresh innovators and creators. The unsung talent that’s using the democratization of technology to crawl its way into the circle of the creative elite.

Joseph Jaffe highlights in his latest post, Nikon has just completed a program with Flickr photographers, they didn’t just take random selection of the photographers, they picked the Pro-Ams.

John Battelle in his recent M-Squared presentation highlighted the new power of the “author” blogger. Those who command attention to the point where they now work in tandem with agencies on banner copy.

We all need to recognize that the real hero of the new movement is the Pro-Am, they have emerged as a new talent to add to the creative cadre, yes they are consumers, but they are the ones blessed with those special creative talents.

It’s PGM and not CGM that’s here to stay.

Consumers should be given the opportunity to engage with brands and create, but only with help and considerable guidance, but how you get them to do that is the subject of another post and perhaps if you are really lucky, an Influx special report.

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