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Creativity from adversity-the saab aero x concept

November 16, 2006

Everyone is familiar with the struggles between Saab and its parent GM. The Swedish carmaker has been battling for its soul and identity for the past couple of years. Luckily for Saab, GM now respects the brand’s DNA and is actively encouraging it to invest resources and talent in this area.

However, this wasn’t an easy process, there was a great deal of soul searching and concern at Saab. At one point, it looked as if they were just going to become a badge for designs originating from other parts of the GM system.

Yesterday, Saab was awarded concept of the year by Britain’s Autocar magazine. This car has it all: breakthrough styling (including the floating door) and a powerful 400hp V6 biopower engine that runs on ethanol.

The result is stunning and proof that sometimes the struggle for a brand’s survival can be the impetus for greatness.

Concept cars are often regarded as frivolous pursuit, because so few concepts make it to production. However, concepts play a really important role inside the automakers; they provide styling direction and often ideas that are first seen in concept cars make it into production models.

In addition, a well-received concept like the Aero, will have inspired a renewed confidence amongst Saab’s designers and engineers.

There’s a good article about the development of the concept here.

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