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Data driven brand innovation

April 13, 2006

How does a fashion design company with a multitude of brands that range from GQ-fashionable to rappers to skateboarders ensure the future growth and continued success of each one, Predictive analytics of course.

Marc Ecko Enterprises has come a long was from its 1993 founding with six T-shirts and a can of spray paint, to the $1.2 Billion international industry that it is today. The brand portfolio includes popular and innovative brands that range from the 50-cent/G-Unit hip-hop brand, to the classic skateware of Zoo York(R), to the contemporary menswear of Marc Ecko “Cut & Sew”, to ecko unltd. the world famous Rhino brand.

They’ve recently expanded their existing SPSS based predictive platform, after having significant success analyzing brand trends at the wholesale level. The new capabilities provide insight by brand down to the retail level, enabling deeper brand perspective and micro-market segmentation.

This is a huge shift, as more boutique and design driven style business begin to embrace quantitative data and statistical methods to identify growth opportunities and inform product development strategies. Finally, the enhanced information architecture that enables all of this analysis is also arming these creative driven companies to be more accountable, informed, and reactive to sales results and market shifts.

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