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Harley’s museum

February 27, 2006

Harley Davidson has just announced plans to open its own museum in Milwaukee.

A museum feels like a natural fit for Harley, a brand that’s celebrated by many experts, as one that has the strongest bond with its customers, of any brand in the business world.

The 130,000 sq ft museum will cost $95 million to build and Pentagram of New York will design the exhibit.

The museum looks like it will be true to the brand and an experience to be savored by millions of the brand’s fans.

According to the vision statement

“Our vision is that the Museum will draw visitors locally and from throughout the world to experience the people, products, culture and history of Harley-Davidson. The Harley-Davidson Museum will celebrate the rich history of the Company, the passion of the riders, the stories of the employees, dealers, suppliers, company leaders, and community members and much more.”

For such a strong brand, Harley is arriving surprisingly late into the museum scene. Brand experiences and museums are becoming more common in the auto industry- Ford has one in Detroit, BMW will open one next year in Germany, Mercedes already has one, as does Ferrari

Harley’s museum will open in 2008.

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