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How hard is it for a company to start a conversation?

March 2, 2006

Tom Guarriello makes a great point in the latest post on his blog.

He calls out Bob Lutz of GM for making a fatal error of asking consumers for their feedback and then failing to respond.

GM has made great strides with its Fast Lane blog. It’s fantastic that someone as senior as Lutz posts cool content.

However, in the age of the transparent organization, there are additional steps that need to be taken to demostrate that the company really wants input from the consumer. Responding to comments is a no brainer.

This tiny blunder illustrates just how it is to get this right. The shere complexity just get the information up and through GM’s legal department, must be mind-boggling, but sadly it’s not enough.

The C21st corporation is radically different from the industrial age corporation. It’s more human, transparent, engaging and genuinely interested in what its customers have to say.

To do this properly requires a sea change in the corporate culture with a ripple effect on marketing.

This is simply about coming down from the 57th floor, turning the megaphone off and engaging in real honest conversation. Simple, right?

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