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Nike grabs runners with its van

December 5, 2006

Nike is trying to get back in favor with the European runners and is using its marketing smarts to do it. The company has a trial van that travels around shoe stores, running and athletic clubs in England and France giving runners the chance to try out their shoes.

The van is a mini sports-lab, complete with a treadmill and video camera, so runners can get a biomechanical analysis and a recommendation of the ideal shoe that matches their running style. This type of technology wasn’t available outside the Nike sports labs, until a few years ago. Runners are then free to take the shoes out for a training run, with no obligation to buy.

It’s a great example of bringing the brand to the people and interacting on a human level. The runners get to try the shoes for free and the brand gets all important trial, exposure and the chance to get great feedback from their hard-core users.


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