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Red bull- an extreme media business

October 9, 2006

This weekend in San-Francisco, thousands lined the shores of the Bay to watch various air displays, including the impressive Blue Angels.

This was all part of the Fleet Week celebrations, which for obvious reasons, have a distinctly military flavor. However, it was Red Bull who came in and hijacked the show with its extreme version of air racing; tiny planes, navigating a tight course, flying 250 mph at only 25 ft above the water.

It was the brand’s extreme character brought to life.

However, it’s one thing to put on an event and it’s another thing to package and produce it. Red Bull did a fantastic production job with cameras mounted on all the planes at very interesting angles, interviews with pilots, commentators who knew what they were talking about and giant screens to broadcast all of this content to the masses.

Red Bull is a brand that’s often been criticized by the marketing purists for not getting their advertising right.

Clearly, ads aren’t really part of the mix here for this brand, they have moved beyond that.

Reb Bull knows who they are (and they have slides in their offices to prove it) and plough money into sponsoring and importantly creating events that match their brand’s DNA, but more than that, they are media content creators and distributors. They even sell DVDs of their events.

Red Bull has circumvented the traditional ad process by creating their own immersive brand experiences, that can be experienced live, but if you can’t be there, they use state of the art film and web production to make sure you can still experience the “extremeness” of the event.

You can see this for yourselves on their brilliant Red Air Race website , where they let you play co-pilot.

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