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Shuffle media

February 10, 2006

Last June, Influx coined the idea of Shuffle Media. Inspired by the iPod Shuffle, where the only real added functionality is to allow users to skip songs, the idea suggested that consumers would be ready to adopt media content that caters to shorter attention spans.

Now it looks like media mogul Rupert Murdoch is in synch with this idea. According to a recent Newsweek Interview

“Soon we’ll be downloading the funniest joke of the week in “Family Guy.” People will be sitting in bars and holding up their phones and laughing. It’ll be a pretty serious piece of revenue for us someday, probably”

Obviously the success of this depend on the wireless carriers get their marketing right, as suggested by the previous post.

The idea of breaking up media content into smaller digestible pieces is a smart one with a potentially huge upside. While we call it Shuffle Media, others call it Microchunking.

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