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Tbwa london goes crowdsurfing for creative ideas

November 6, 2006

TBWA London recently set up a blog they will use to post briefs and generate creative input from anyone!

Seems interesting and more than a little dangerous.

Here’s a post directly from their blog.

“Hello, and welcome to TBWALAB.

The Lab is an experiment in open source creativity.

An experiment whose goal is to both seek out and nourish creativity, wherever it may be.

Conventionally, ideas only come from a person with “creative” on their business card. At TBWALondon we have a philosophy called Disruption which is all about breaking the right rules and doing things differently. As part of this, we believe that a good idea can come from anywhere and so we’ve created The Lab.

The Lab will be a place where you will be able to submit ideas for real briefs. It could be an idea for an online advertising campaign, a TV commercial, a poster, an event, a new product or a new type of packaging – anything that you believe will solve a client’s particular business problem.

Every brief will be a real “live” brief – an actual requirement for a piece of communication for one of TBWA’s clients (see the link for our full client list).

The briefs will be put up here in the Lab, and the idea is you e-mail your solutions to [project management person]

Or if you prefer, post them in the comments in the Lab.

Any idea you submit becomes the property of TBWA. But we promise – any idea we use, you will get paid for.

At this point you’re probably wondering?.how do I know I won’t get ripped off? Well, if you think about it for a second, it just wouldn’t make any sense for us to do that. First of all, the bad PR would kill us. And secondly, it’s a lot cheaper for us to buy your idea from you at a fair price, than to pay the lawyers bills if you sue. (You should see what they charge? sheesh).

All ideas submitted will be judged by Steve Henry, the Executive Creative Director of TBWALondon, the creative director behind those campaigns for Tango, the AA and Pot Noodle.

Let the experiment begin.”

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