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The power of the pop-up

February 22, 2006

Much has been written about pop-up stores and they are usually placed in the context of being something of a fad or fashion in retail. However, even if it is hidden, there is a powerful idea behind most of these initiatives and that’s to provide “brand refreshment” and “brand excitement”.

The temporary and unique nature of these stores gives people a reason to visit and take note. Influx believes the idea inherent in the pop-up is one of temporary surprise (great in an A.D.D. world) and that can be very impactful as a communication tool, especially as it’s a three-dimensional experience.

Now it looks like the pop-up idea is being taken into other categories. Earlier this week, Nintendo announced that it would be touring a Pokeman theme park around the world., The park, which is currently residing at the world Expo site in Nagoya, Japan, will soon be relocated to Taiwan and then on to other countries. Smart idea, use the park as an injection of excitement into the brand and move on.

Beyond theme parks, the pop-up idea could work in other categories; restaurants, fast food, bars and hotels.

Instead of being a fad, the pop-up has the power to be a valuable addition to any brand’s rapidly expanding media arsenal.

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