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Whatever happened to benetton?

October 13, 2006

Rick Poynor has written an excellent article in Creative Review looking back at the provocative advertiser that once was Benetton.

“As it turns 40, the fashion giant looks like an outfit that has lost its sense of creative direction. No longer posing any real threat to the essential divide between editorial and advertising, or even to ordinary good taste, Benetton blends uneventfully into the landscape of ubiquitous but not very exciting global brands.”

Benetton is a radical company that revolutionized the clothing business, changing the production model and building a franchise based brand that expanded like wildfire and seemingly came to an abrupt halt as it paid the price for expanding too fast.

During its meteoric rise, the brand did so much to change people’s perceptions of advertising for both good and bad and did its bit to change the notion of the magazine, with its striking Colors.

Influx wonders if we will ever see another advertiser that’s as crazy, and daring as Benetton once was.

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