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2006- the year tv transformed itself

September 6, 2006

MIT’s Henry Jenkins has a great post about the transformation of the television media and how it’s adapting to the new digital age.

Some highlights of his piece:

– All the networks and 41 cable channels have some content on iTunes

– ABC is experimenting with free ad supported downloads of some shows

– Some networks are taking a DVD extras approach to content- NBC is doing this with The Office and ABC with Lost

– Many of the networks are making programming available for mobile devices

– Some are experimenting with You Tube

All this Jenkins states is leading to “the disagregation of television content — that is to say, consumers will follow individual series with little regard to their time slots or network placements.”

Jenkins also identifies a new trend that he calls “Transmedia Storytelling”. He uses the example of the Sc-Fi Channel, who have recently created a series of short webisodes to promote its show Battlestar Gallactica using characters from the show.

This post comes almost the same day as news of WBTVG’s new division Studio 2.0 that’s going to be evolving the advertising side of television by creating branded content for broadband and wireless platforms.

In an interview with the Hollywood Reporter, WBTVG executive vp Craig Hunegs stated the goals of the new unit.

“Their focus is getting involved early on in the process of content creation so they can align themselves with programming that is compatible with the audience they are trying to reach,”

Television, a medium that had been criticized being too slow to respond to a changing environment, looks like it’s making 2006 a year of transformation.

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