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7 reasons why reports of the amateur’s demise are premature

December 5, 2006

In an interview with NPR yesterday, Scott Kirsner of the Mercury News, stated that the days of amateur dominance on video sites like YouTube is coming to an end.

While their presence may decline, it’s likely that amateur videos will still continue to captivate people’s imagination for some time to come. While Big Media will experiment putting more of their content online and developing new shorter forms of entertainment, amateur videos will continue to succeed for a number of reasons:

1.Amateurs Capture Human Failings: There’s something incredibly compelling about watching human beings make fools of themselves- singing, dancing, accidents, etc? This stuff is unscripted and raw.

2.Amateurs Are Candid: -Honest, unscripted and real dialog will come from amateurs

3.Amateurs will Play at the End of the Long Tail: Amateurs will be able to cover things at the end of the Long Tail, big media will miss- very specific interests and discoveries that people will make and throw up on the internet

4.Amateurs Are Faster: Amateurs will get material faster than conventional news sources. Reuters and Yahoo might be teaming up to access citizen journalists, but most will find it easier and faster to put stuff up directly

5.The Best Amateurs are Professional: The best amateurs will become Pro-Ams and the quality of their content will be indistinguishable from Big Media’s

6.The Best Amateurs Will Have their Own Brands: Some of the best Pro-Ams will have their own style and build their own brands without the help of Big Media

7. Fame is a powerful incentive: -People will use what ever means they have at their disposal to seek fame

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