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Oscar obsessed

March 5, 2006

Today’s Oscars are the pinnacle of the year for all those obsessed with celebrity.

Many of those of those who have an obsession are marketers, desperate to do what ever it takes to get their product, worn, used and photographed with a celebrity.

They also desperately want to reach the celebrity-obsessed public , who are tuning to get their fix. The Oscars, are often referred to as the female Superbowl, because the show usually attracts a 60% female audience, compared to the paltry 44% who tune in to the football.

One brand keen to talk to this female audience is JC Penney, the department store nobody thought would survive. It wants to tell women that it’s relevant again and is using the event as a springboard for the biggest ad campaign in its 104 history.

Mastercard is another brand looking for milleage from the Oscars. The credit card giant wants viewers to contribute their ideas online to the unfinished ads that will air during the televised event.

The obsession with celebrity shows no signs of waning, but they are not being used as frequently in advertising as they used to be. There once was a time when legends like Orson Welles could be seen pitching a brand to the public in a TV spot.

Instead of ads, we now have product placement; in celebrity’s private lives and in the movies and TV shows they appear in.

The trend looks set to get more extreme, as the celebrity obsessed can now find a 24 hour fix, through new media like cellphones and blogs.

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