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The best presentation ever

August 30, 2006 included Dick Hardt’s identity presentation in their top 10 list and as far as Influx is concerned, it’s the best presentation ever.

We stumbled across Dick’s presentation last year and were pleased to see it included on the list.

The presentation takes the potentially mind-numbingly boring topic of Internet security and manages to makes it really entertaining.

He achieves this through force of personality and 100s of slides that are carefully choreographed the to his text, the result is a rapid-fire, energy driven ride through the world of Internet security.

Some observers have blamed Powerpoint for sucking the life out of presenters and their presentations, but it’s really just laziness. Hardt shows that by putting an extra bit of thought into it and thinking about performance, you can achieve something pretty special.

We have never seen anyone present quite like Dick, but now we expect and hope to see his style widely copied.

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