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Dubai evolves the theme park

June 9, 2006

Dubai seems determined in its plan to build a mega-tourism playground in the sand that will rival anything in the world including Las Vegas. The recent announcement that Dubai is looking into the feasibility of an extreme sports theme park is further evidence of its ambition.

The vision is to build a theme park that represents a true cross-section of the world of extreme sports including; surfing, BMX, skateboarding, rock climbing, etc. However, the park will not just cater for the extreme athlete, it also plans to create a variety of interesting simulations so anyone can experience from the thrill of a base jump, to catching a wave and snowboarding down a deep powder run.

This development is interesting because it updates the theme park idea that for 50 years has been based around the rollercoaster or movie and entertainment properties. This development understands that the core idea of a theme park is to provide sensory experiences, but unlike the others, it wraps a modern sports concept around it.

If Disney is serious about updating its theme parks and is looking for a way to create a global brand center for the X-Games, this park in Dubai could be a wise investment.

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