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Elephant- a different kind of pharmacy

October 16, 2006

The retail pharmacy world is dominated by the likes of giant big box stores CVS and Walgreens, companies who can’t be really described as innovative.

Elephant , is a tiny player with just two stores in Northern California, who’s trying to provide something of an alternative is this very predictable space.

The company’s first store opened in Berkeley, California in 2002.

Elephant has created a retail experience around a specific type of consumer- the “health-conscious”.

It offers a wide range of health and wellness products not typically sold in the big-box pharmacies, free classes and superior customer service.

Elephant is going after the Whole Foods consumer, it has similar brand values, it sells natural, fair trade food and even fills herbal prescriptions, in addition to conventional RX.

However, what really makes Elephant stand apart from its larger competitors is its commitment to consumer education.

Health and wellness is one area where consumers are constantly demanding facts, evidence, new ideas and new solutions. So providing free classes , is smart way of bringing consumers to the stores and generating greater loyalty to the brand.

If you are keen to learn more about Elephant, the CEO, Kathi Lentzsch, will be speaking at IIR’s Future Trend Conference , that’s being held in Miami, November 6th-8th.

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