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August 2, 2006

With life getting more and more complex, people are looking for greater efficiencies in everything they do. They are working harder, so they need to work smarter.

This development has led to Lifehacking, a new movement, which came originally from the world of computer programming.

Now there are blogs like Lifehacker dedicated to the topic.

Back in March 2005, the Lifehacker blog tracked down Danny O’Brien, the original creator of the the term Lifehacking, and sat him down for an interview.

Here are some of the major points from that:

– Danny first coined the term at the 2004 Emerging Tech Conference

– It was in reference to secret programmers that coders wrote for themselves to make their lives easier

– Technology is getting more complex and now everyone is looking for solutions and shortcuts- how do you organize your 25,000 photos or effectively manage spam?

– The simple power of the text file
“Text has some concrete advantages too: you can get stuff into a text file quickly, and you can search text files quickly. Getting data in and out fast, and in a non-distracting way, is really the most important thing for a filing system. That is its very point.”

For more lifehacking information you can take a look at 43folders or browse through the 17k+ lifehacking tags on delicious

Influx expects to see this trend make its way into mass culture pretty quickly. As an example, this month’s issue of Wired magazine has a Lifehacking theme.

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