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Sprouts-the home grown food solution

November 6, 2006

Sproutstaurant opened last week in Amsterdam, presenting a menu of 31 different sprouted vegetables alongside traditional Dutch potato mash (stamppot).

Conceived by artist Debra Solomon , the project offers home-grown solutions to the negative effects of transporting food by car and airplane. A majority of urban transportation is dedicated to moving and obtaining food. By growing our own food, Solomon proposes that we contribute to a more sustainable and ethical food supply. Another stepping-stone for the holistic revolution, Solomon affirms, “Sprouting, it’s not just for hippies anymore.”

Will we see sprout-kitchen kits in the aisles of Wal-Mart soon? If the folks in Arkansas get wind of it who knows what bedazzled alfalfa creation you?ll get for Christmas.

By Emilie Baltz. Emillie is an international freelance designer and photographer. Her professional credits include work for the Vitra Design Museum, Wal-Mart, LG electronics, Converse, Lancome, the IDSA, Baccarat, Wired Magazine, Time Out New York, Oxford University Press, and various chefs. She shares time between Paris and New York: designing, photographing, and eating.

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