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The convenience store trades up

February 23, 2006

The convenience store hasn’t really changed much since it’s introduction, despite the best intentions of the leading players, the stores are generally about ease over goodness. There is always an overload of pre-packaged food and the stores focus too much on being convenient, rather than interesting experiences.

Famima, is a US concept created by the Japanese retailer Family Mart, who run 5,844 convenience stores across Japan.

So why is it different?

Focused target: 21-41 year olds, mid/high income- asian

The experience- Casual, clean and well lit. Mixes premium grocery, convenience store and high quality quick service restaurant (they serve panini and sushi). They also stock Japanese comics and high quality stationary.

The goal for Famina is to test in LA, they’ve just opened in Santa Monica and to roll out nationally with the objective of having 250 stores in market by 2009.

It’s the “trading up” trend coming to the convenience store.

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