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Scion launches a car like a sneaker

February 24, 2006

The car doesn’t look like a sneaker, but it is being released like one. Automotive manufacturers have always done limited edition versions, but they have never made a big claim about the limited numbers available.

Scion, always looking for an innovative edge, launched, in the past week a limited edition version of the XB.

The vehicle is only available in “Envy Green” and has a range of entertainment options including LCD screens in the rear of the front headrests.

There are wild postings all over New York touting the fact that there are only 2,200 of these monsters available.

Release 3.0 is just the first limited edition for the Scion- other models in the line will also get their own versions.

So it looks like Scion is going to borrow from sneaker culture and launch multiple variants across the same platform and mix these models with it’s personalization message.

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