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Internet chatter appearing soon to a wall street screen near you

September 27, 2006

Investment institutions rely on data to make decisions, their traders and analysts make hundreds of decisions a day based on the aggregate of all kinds of information that’s coming at them, much of it in real time on their desktop screens.

This data comes from a variety of different sources; pricing moves in the market, press releases, government stats, etc.

However, according to Monitor 110, the investment community is missing an important piece of information, internet chatter from forums and blogs.

This new start-up that will launch next year, plans to provide a system that brings this information to investors in an understandable fashion.

Monitor 110’s website has a couple of interesting pages that give a flavor for what the service could be like.

2. How this type of information, in the past, has correctly predicted share price moves

It remains to be seen if the investment industry finds this kind of data useful, but it’s clear that the marketing community has a significant opportunity to use the same data in a creative way.

The idea that you can mine, collect and analyze thousands of web conversations is a powerful one. Having the tool set to understand trends and determine shifts and changes could be like having the best hybrid of quantitative and qualitative research that you could hope for.

Traditional brand tracking studies had better watch out because there’s now a new kid on the block.

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