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March 28, 2006

As an adjunct to our recent piece on learning and gaming, here is some info Influx has gathered on the latest trend in Podcasting.

According to a recent article in the Star Telegram, Fortworth TX…

The technology is opening up a new world inside and outside of the classroom, educators say. Podcasting is quickly becoming the new catchphrase in education, said David Stone, a Durham, TX video-editing teacher and instructional-technology specialist. “The technology has taken off so fast that we didn’t think to ask parents for permission to use their children’s voices on the Internet at the start of the school year,” Stone said. “And now we are.”

The article goes on to highlight some innovative uses of the technology.

Some students are recording a hip-hop compilation called TAKS Rap (named after the state exams) intended to pump up their school for the big test. Others use podcasts to help English-as-a-second-language students. They read along and learn correct pronunciations by listening.

Other innovative adaptations include:

Podcasts of school choir and band concerts
Podcasts for teacher training
Podcasts for lectures and test reviews

And for parents who don’t have time to attend every meeting or read every email, there are Podcasts that keep mom & dad up to speed on school goings-ons while working out at the gym.

And if local Texas newspapers aren’t enough…

Lastly, where there is an opportunity, there are consultants… or, as they indicate on their website, MPReach is an organization designed with the intent to leverage media technologies such as MP3 and MPEG-4 for the purposes of extending education, training and distribution of information to people around the world.

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