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Gloopy puddles of melting chocolate and the brand experience

May 19, 2006

Most brand experiences in food and beverage are a combination of “museum” (learning about the history of the product) and “factory tour” (where you see the product being made).

According to the blog, Pasta and Vinegar, Cadbury, the UK confectionary giant, are experimenting by bringing radical interactive technology to their brand experience.

The blog explains these experiences.

“As you enter the infinity room a giant chocolate bar melts into gloopy puddles beneath you and, when you jump in them, chocolate splashes all over the floor. Then a sprinkling of individual Roses chocolates appear beneath your feet. You won’t believe your eyes when they unwrap as you tread on them, but as you step off they wrap back up.

Chunks of chocolate then fill the floor and when you stamp on them they break open showing gooey caramel, squidgy turkish delight, chunks of mint, orange or Cadbury’s Crunchie inside. Finally you get to chase three Creme Eggs across the floor but don’t stand still because they’ll pop their tops and taunt you until the game is on again.”

It sounds like these ideas are inspired by a “mash-up” between “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” and video games, which is probably right on, given the company’s core target is kids.

For other brands, it shows that brand experiences, like brands themselves, need to move with the times in order to maintain relevance and be considered true experiences.

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