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Marmite moves with the times

April 12, 2006

Marmite is a strange, quintessentially British food that has remained unchanged for decades. The brown savory spread, made from yeast, is loved and hated by Brits in equal measure, a fact recently exploited in the brand’s advertising.

The brand is famous for its distinctively shaped jar which the brand’s owner, Unilever, has now decided to change. In a move as radical as Heinz Ketchup’s move from glass to plastic, Marmite has moved into a squeezable jar format.

However, at least Unilever is having some fun with the makeover. The packaging gets a big “Squeeze Me” label and the copy on the website even has a sense of humor.

“Marmite Squeeze Me” is here! The end of having to destroy your bread when spreading the lovely thick goo. The end of travelling without your little tub of yummy goodness. For now there is a new jar in town.

It squeezes, it drizzles, it doesn’t make a mess and if you hold it close, you may even hear it whisper I Love You.”

The brand even has a viral film on its website, talk about trendy.

Marmite is another good example of how, if used properly, packaging can be a powerful media tool.

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