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The limits of consumer created content

April 18, 2006

Latest research from Jupiter on web users in Europe shows the potential problem that brands seeking consumer-generated content could face.

– 92% of the European websites surveyed prompted visitors to participate- 53% of web surfers are passive of silent

– 23% of web users in UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Spain and Italy respond to prompted participation in polls and competitions

– 24% are unprompted contributors with blogs and websites

The point this research reveals is that there is a limited reservoir of willing talent for brands to tap into.

With so many brands chasing the same talent, its only inevitable that these people will be attracted to the brands that are the most authentic and genuine in their intentions and those that offer the best incentive, which may not need to be financial. Months back, Influx wrote a post about a Playstation promotion in Europe, that offered “consumer creatives” a day with a designer, artists, musicians, etc as prizes, instead of money.

For brands contemplating moving into this area, don’t assume that mass participation will happen naturally. The brand and incentives need to be right, as does your desire to promote and encourage creativity.

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