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You tube’s long tail

August 4, 2006

Asi Sharabi is fast becoming the go-to analyst for all things You Tube.

While we are all gorging ourselves on the sumptuous feast of videos that You Tube provides, Asi is hard at work analyzing what’s really going on.

He’s just published his latest monthly perspective and it sure makes an interesting read.

– There’s a Long Tail effect- the top 100 videos only account for 2% of total views
– It’s fast becoming a global playground- a quarter of the most viewed videos aren’t in English
– UGC is king- it accounts for 86% of all videos
– Commercial players only get a tiny window- mostly music videos and the odd viral
– UGC- crosses the spectrum from politics, to sports (Zidane), to lots of spoofs (Star Wars, Zidane), short films, vlogs from lonelygirl15, home videos and asian tv videos.

Again, the message is clear, if you are in the movie, ad or music business and you want to be one of the most viewed films on You Tube, you now just have the consumer to beat.

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