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103 authors write the book on conversational marketing

July 16, 2007

This is a blatant commercial plug, but in a good way.

Two guys; Drew from the US and Gavin from Australia have done an amazing job. Posting the idea of a new book on marketing a couple of months back, they attracted 100+ authors to write about the new world of the marketing conversation.

The book, The Age of Conversation is available today.

Available in all three formats.

e-book: $9.99  ($7.99 going to charity)
paperback book: $16.95 ($8.10 to charity)
hardback book: $29.99 ($8.55 to charity)

If you want to hear what I have to say about starting a conversation with advertising, the thoughts of Gareth Kay at Modernista, Faris Yakob at Naked and 100 others, you can order your copy at Lulu.

Check out Ad Age’s review of the book.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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