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25 ideas and thoughts from the polygamous marriage conference on connections planning

October 30, 2007

Here are some of the top-line thoughts that I took away from Trumpet’s Polygamous Wedding Conference in New Orleans. They are taken from my scratchy notes, so they are can’t be turned into quotes, they are approximations and interpretations of what the speakers may have said!

Connections Planning

1.Name confusion- Connections Planners have 25 different titles- we need to find one. (Demian Brink)

2.Ideally it should be a team of Account Planner and Media Planner.(Demian Brink)

3.We need to shift thinking from the world of Connections Planning and define it as the “New Creative”.(Lisa Seward)

4.This new world is non-linear, relentless and requires seamless collaboration.(Lisa Seward)

5. Need to start with the target, understand what’s wrong, discover actionable insights, have brave leaders who can force the issue and have no rules, just guidelines.(Lisa Seward)

6.Shift the core skill set from curiosity to collaborative creativity. (Lisa Seward)

7.Connections Planning doesn’t need to be a person, it can be be a protocol to ensure different creative output,.(Lisa Seward)

8.Build toolsets to better understand why people consume media, not just what the media is, but what drives the consumer’s connection to it. (Jim Elms and Scott Lucas)

9.Turn media numbers into sexy pictures and charts.(Jim Elms)

Brands and Branding

10.Consumers are smart, don’t give away the story, allow them discover it. (Michael Jaeger)

11. Create real personalization- Burton snowboards scratch graphics- each on is an orginal.(Michael Jaeger)

12.Mainsteam is just another word for the “stupid masses” (Michael Jaeger)

13.Brand momentum and brand energy, rule.(Gareth Kay)

14.Brands must now be: entertaining, socially responsible, interesting, useful, doers, sweat the small stuff (little things count for a lot) (Gareth Kay)

15.We are in a world of transformation- generations don’t argue about music, but their values are different- culture is now “cut and paste”, communication is now about “digitalists and designers”, which means planners need to be designing interactions (Adrian Ho)

16.It’s all about the interaction, not the message. (Adrian Ho)

17.Brands need to have multiple meanings, not one message for everyone. (Adrian Ho)

18.We need idea-based metrics. (John King)

19.“Brands are candidates.” (John King)

20.Experts were talking about a powerful, empowered consumer in 1939. (Rob Walker)

21.Brands aren’t in crisis, corporate America achieved record earnings in 2006. (Rob Walker)

22.Ipod success can be put down to its multitude of meanings. (Rob Walker)

23. Red Bull doesn’t tell you who its for, what it is and it makes the consumer find out. (Rob Walker)

24. People must still love brands if they are willing to pay $10 for a Live Strong bracelet on E-Bay(Rob Walker)

25. Hello Kitty succeeds because its an entirely blank canvas, there’s nothing there- users project their own meaning(Rob Walker)

Posted by Ed Cotton

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