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A bad ad generator

January 22, 2007

Alexis Lloyd, a student at Parsons New School for Design has created a really interesting project for part of his MFA Thesis.

The Ad Generator takes real corporate slogans/taglines and mixes them with related images from Flickr. The project is designed to show how advertising plunders and abuses powerful cultural ideas, but these ideas have a limited connection to the products being sold.

It also shows how easy it would be to write an algorithm to create bad ads.

Product of the Advertising Generator

Product of Advertising Generator

Of course, playing with broad emotions and appropriating from culture still exists, but you see less of it. Advertisers today are being forced to live up to their promise through exceptional product or service delivery, or risk getting called out.

When they make a cultural statement, as Unilever’s Dove has done recently on beauty, it can’t be shallow, the new environment demands the brand invest in programs that support its cultural beliefs.

Via TechCrunch

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