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Alive from san diego- 800 planners gather for their annual fest

August 5, 2007

I am now here in the surprisingly humid San Diego for the AAAA’s annual planning smoozefest with 800 planners- including 11 from Google and 29 from TBWA Chiat Day LA.

There were things to look forward to today, like the baseball game I was supposed to attend with Gareth Kay, Mark Lewis, Mark Earls and others, but I am sure they told me it was Wednesday.

Here’s what I am looking forward to over the next few days.

Sir Ken Robinson – If anyone saw him at TED or at least the film on the TED website- he is spectacular 

Mark Barden and Adam Morgan’s
Third Eye- Perhaps a preview of Adam’s new book?

Adrian Ho and Rob White’s
new vision for Planning

Eric Ryan- Planning and San Francisco’s hero of lateral thinking. Eric had the good sense not to give his insights away. Instead, he kept them to himself and built a multi-million dollar business called Method

Bruce Mau– Looking forward to hearing his version of Massive Change and how his thinking has shifted in the last 18 months

I plan to post on the above and more.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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