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Brand voice 2.0- ambitious and humble

June 2, 2007

Ambition and humbleness sound like opposites, but in this new world of brand 2.0, anything is possible.

Last FM just got taken over by CBS and they wrote about it on their blog last week.

Here’s the last paragraph of the post that shows, or is designed to show (?), that despite being taken over by a multi billion media corporation, they are still human.

“There is quite a sense of achievement at HQ today, we see this
is as a huge boost for and we are confident that together with CBS
we have the wherewithall to change the music industry, and way people
interact with music for good. Now we are all going for a slap up
vietnamese lunch at the Viet Hoa. We’ll be back in an hour to finish
off our facebook app :)”

Most of the comments from users to this post were positive.

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