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Branding’s next wave-consumer created brands

August 19, 2007

We’ve currently going through the first wave of consumer generation; brands have reached out to consumers and ask them to help in their marketing efforts, Heinz’s recent ketchupfest attracted an incredible 4,000 entries, with  5 winners making it onto TV. They company staging a repeat of the contest to run in the Fall. 

Sitting across the highway from these efforts, are brands like Threadless, who’ve capitalized on the artistry of creative individuals, allowing them to design product and make some money.

At the fringes there are signs of a new revolution brewing, one that turns the notion of producer and consumer on its head. The idea that the consumers develop, create and control the destiny of the brands they create.

The best example of this is, where 50,000 soccer fans have signed up and paid a fee of $70. This has given the group access to considerable funds, in fact they have enough money to purchase as soccer club and are currently in negotiations to do just that.

My Football Club

Is there a possible future where thousands of consumers get together to form buying clubs and create products and services with no direct involvement from corporations?

Posted by Ed Cotton

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