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Bringing your community to life- learning from prosper

November 27, 2007

Prosper is one of the few 2.0 success stories in the world of finance. The peer-2 -peer lending community seems to have gained some traction and with close to 500,000 members, it’s caught the attention of some of the bigger players in the financial world.

Clearly, community is critical to Prosper’s success and as a demonstration of Prosper’s desire to ensure it thrives, they hold conferences (Prosper Days) for their community, the next one is in February of 2008.

The sessions include presentations from key executives, brainstorming and a keynote from the author of Freakonomics.

This is the second year Prosper has hosted such an event, videos from this year’s Prosper Day can be seen here.

It’s all too easy in a web 2.0 world to rely on the Internet to do everything, despite increasing communication and collaboration technology, there’s something about meeting face-to-face that technology can’t replace.

Web 2.0 companies and others with communities need to  give significant thought to and consider the value of events to galvanize and energize their bases.

Via Bankwatch

Posted by Ed Cotton

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