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Building the youtube brand

December 17, 2007

YouTube has often been ridiculed as a media outlet, with analysts pointing to hamster videos and ranting teens

However, YouTube has a different target in its sights, it’s clearly trying to build credibility as a media and is inserting its brand into all kind of interesting places from the 2008 US Election to its latest move to partner the World Economic Forum in Davos.

You Tube and Davos

This is all about brand action; offering up the brand to the World Economic Forum to let consumers into a previously closed affair and in the process getting YouTube a seat at the top table of world leaders

It’s all surprisingly simple and easy- no ad campaign, no PR, just a page on the internet.

Although YouTube may lack the seriousness of established media outlets it’s community, scale and connection to the people makes it a media which offers access like no other and for a old-fashioned institution like the World Economic Forum, it gets a contemporary shot in the arm.

Who will YouTube partner with next?

The Queen of England?
The White House?

Suggestions in the comments section please.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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