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Clients dont want great ideas

May 14, 2007

Business Week recently conducted a survey amongst senior executives on
the topic of innovation. One of the questions
struck Influx as being especially interesting; the obstacles to return
on investment for innovation.

The barriers aren’t exactly what you expect them to be, for example,
clients don’t seem to have a problem generating the ideas, it’s the
implementation that’s the issue.

Clients need help in areas beyond the creative generation of the ideas themselves.

Specifically, clients want help in the following areas…

–    Becoming more comfortable with risk
–    Streamlining the internal co-ordination process
–    Identifying the right opportunities
–    Bringing relevant consumer insights to the table

It appears clients want strategy and process, more than
creativity a notion that runs counter to the thinking at most communication

Obstacles to Return on Investment from Innovation

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