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Coors to develop popsicle

April 12, 2007

In a battle for attention, it’s almost impossible to get through to consumers and communicate the one thing that you stand for.

However, Coors appears to have struck gold in their ability to communicate that Coors Light  “owns” cold.

Taking a step back from beer land, it seems preposterous to assume that any American beer is ever going to be served “warm”, but the critical understanding that “the cold” in beer is a very important element for American beer drinkers, is smart.

Ladder this idea down to Coors roots in the “cold” Rocky Mountain, with its “cold” fresh water and you start to have a robust strategy.

Obviously, this approach is working for Coors, who just announced a couple of “cold” innovations for Coors Light. They aren’t developing popsicles, instead bottles with thermocromatic ink which turns blue when the beer has been chilled to the right temperature and a Super Cold Draft system to pour the beer at a temperature below freezing.

Beer brands are notorious for their quest to find the one single thing that resonates with consumers, so often, their quest shows through in inconsistent advertising that jumps around from idea to idea. It’s the equivalent of a political candidate who keeps changing his policy and personality with each interview. The consumer is left not knowing what the brand really stands for and the brand itself makes no commitment to prove anything.

Coors is interesting because it’s not only delivering to the single idea in its communication, it’s also proving it with tangible actions that reinforce its strategy.

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