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Crocs and china’s blog reading factory owners

July 21, 2007

Crocs have been a fashionable thing to write about recently,I wrote a post a few days ago, Rob Walker wrote his Consumed column about them, so I am sure people are sick of hearing about the ugliest brand of shoes in the world.

However, this isn’t really about Crocs, instead it’s about an email I recieved yesterday from China. 

Here it is in full, nothing edited, formated or changed.

We are china supplier .we sell a lot of goods.If u need crocs,we have real anc copy beach style now.
Real 13$ each with shipped,minimum 100 pair.copy beach 10$ each wit shipped.
Real size and color:
Man size:us 7-11  uk size 6-10
color:black ,army green
women size us 5.5-8.5  uk size 2.5-6.5
color:amethyst,black , , green.
I send to u copy crocs beach style stock list.u can see.if u want order copy too.u can let me know.
If u sell crocs.maybe u will need charms too.we have factory make charms.minmum 5000,price is 0.15$ each with shipped.( steel need more money 0.18$ each with shipped).
I send to u charms stock list ,u can see them.
Hope we can do business and I can become your supplier.we have a lot of another big brand shirt shoes bags jeans.if u need,i will let u know
I am waiting for your reply!”

This is not a joke about English usage, instead it tells us some interesting things.

1. The massive competitive pressure that the Chinese suppliers face- they are looking for orders from anywhere

2. The global power of blogs

3. The threat to brands from counterfeits

I wonder if I will be recieving an email from Crocs tomorrow?

Posted by Ed Cotton

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