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Does your brand have a product hero?

May 24, 2007

Audi is trying to make some noise; it has finally realized that being understated in the US only gets you ignored. To help generate buzz, the company is hoping a new model can help drag people towards the brand. The product is the R8 sports car, only 200 or so of these $130k+ monsters will be available in this country, but they are hoping its presence will be enough to drag people into dealerships.

The car is impressive enough as this European ad shows and adds a nice footnote for a company who’s had its fair share of racing success, on rally circuits and most recently, with its diesel engined TDI sports cars at Le Mans.

The new model is designed to prove that Audi has the engineering clout and innovation to compete with the best, especially Porsche. It’s a great example of how brands can use product development as a marketing tool to benefit brand image.

It’s certainly not without enormous risk and significant levels of investment, but we’ve heard the UK has already sold out of its allocation.

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