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Every company is now a media company

June 14, 2007

Cisco’s Dan Sheinman spoke at this week’s BPCC conference about the revolution in corporate communication. He suggests PR is “the new advertising” and companies need to embrace the fact they are now media companies.

He showed stats (shown below) highlighting how Cisco’s web traffic has swtiched from page views to RSS feeds and blog posts.

Cisco Web TrendsCisco Web Trends

Although Cisco and its users represent the cutting edge of technology, there’s a broad desire from consumers for richer informaton from companies, material that goes beyond the press release.

Whether all companies can create their own TV networks, like Audi and others have done in the UK, remains to be seen. However, there’s certainly the opportunity to move well beyond the static web site and press release.

Ad agencies can either sit on the sidelines and watch in-house teams and PR agencies help make this a reality or bring their creativity to the party and help create compelling media content for their clients.

Via PopPR

Posted by Ed Cotton

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