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From consumer to editor- the gorilla escapes

October 28, 2007

A was fortunate enough to have been invited to speak at Trumpet’s inspirational Polygamous Marriage conference in New Orleans. In essence, it was all about the coming together of media, account planning and creative- connections planning.

It was a great event and some inspiring presentations. (Much more to follow).

John King from Fallon spoke about lots of things, but included the idea of thinking about consumers, not as the creators, but as editors of content.

A nice evolution of the current zeitgeist.

To demonstrate, he showed us how the Cadbury’s gorilla ad had morphed into a variety of different edits, some created by people and others created by the agency to inspire people to do it themselves.

The Original- 2 million views plus…

Bonnie Tyler- Remix- 238,000 views

50 Cent Remix- 127,849 views

Bon Jovi Remix- 24,075

I know this is old news to many, but the idea of providing content that can be played with, edited and throwing out examples for people to follow is really smart.

It keeps the idea alive and engages the consumer in the process.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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