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New marketing geniuses- manager of consumer-generated media

September 3, 2007

Manager of Consumer-Generated Media is a similar role to Community Manager, but with a slightly differently title. Bruce Ertmann does this at Toytota, where he manages the blogs and montitors the webwaves for chatter and more.

“My office has a bank of 16 monitors and I sit in
here, surf the Internet and drink 10 gallons of coffee a day. No, not
really. Actually I have one computer, although I do spend a fair amount
of time in the Internet, although not my entire day. I’d say I spend
about 30% of my day there, which would include management of the Toyota
blog and monitoring other blogs. My role is to integrate the use of
consumer generated media into other areas of our corporate
communications. For example, we work with marketing, using the
information I might get to expand our audience, even for traditional pr
events. We are broadening these to include influential bloggers and
other media groups. We move in a lot of directions.

Via Brandweek

Posted by Ed Cotton

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