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Planners must love numbers

June 8, 2007

Reuters recently wrote an interesting story about the rise of quantitative analysis on Wall Street, analysis based on lots and lost of data, that’s gaining preference over the more conventional and qualitative analysis.

“Now complex computerized programs can do all that and more, including employing vast reservoirs of data on historic prices to project how stock, currency or other prices may move. Overlay that security-specific information with macro-economic data, forecasts, demographics, industry statistics and other information, and you get a more efficient trading model, proponents say.”

Shift focus to the marketing world and the movement towards the quantitative is already happening.

As marketing dollars shift towards directly responsive media, the data starts becoming more freely available and complex sets of analysis can be made. Up until recently, we’ve seen a bifurcation of disciples; the direct sell side guys and the brand builders. The two worlds were separated and unique.

However, the rise of web video is changing all that. We now have web- based media chasing after dollars that have previously been bound for television.  This isn’t about pre or post roll, but the brand impact of rich video content designed for interactive consumption.

The coming together of the brand building and direct selling worlds creates new demands on planners. No longer can they be content with being the qualitative insights gurus, if they want to survive, they are going to have get to grips with the emerging quantitative world.

Interestingly, this world isn’t complete, it’s half built at best. No one knows quite what it should look like or how we should measure it. There are some buzz measurement tools, there are cross media optimization tools and other things, but nothing optimal.

It’s a good time to get started.

The Reuters article suggests that equity analysts will still have a job, but it’s now recognized there are alternative sources of great insight.

It’s possible that the same development could happen in planning

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