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Social media is becoming a big deal for business

January 12, 2007

Student researchers at the UMass Dartmouth Center for Marketing Research conducted a survey (in November-December 2006) with Inc 500 companies (America’s biggest private companies) to understand the awareness and adoption of social media in the business world.

They talked to 121 companies and found:

– 42% were very familiar with social networking
– 36% were very familiar with blogging
– 31% were very familiar with online video

They also measured their usage of social media which can be seen in the graphic below.

Social Media Usage By the

Finally, they asked companies about the importance of social media to their business and marketing strategy- 66% stated it was somewhat important or very important.

There is obviously considerable room for growth, but it shows that the world of social media is finding its way into corporate American and moving well beyond the Fortune 500.

The report can be downloaded here

Via Putting People First

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