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The always on brand social network

February 6, 2007

Om Malik over at Giga OM makes an an interesting point about social networks, suggesting that their real power lies when they become a feature of our experiences, rather than destinations in their own right.

As one of his examples, he highlights The Venice Project/Joost TV watching experience, which involves others coming to chat and interact while you are watch the shows.

This is about the “always-on” presence of fluid social networks that float around us and are dependent on the experiences we go through.

Perhaps its important for brands to consider that social networking can be built into any experience, rather than thinking of having just a silo where the social network content resides.

Every brand experience should have a component of social networking.

While you are watching the Superbowl spot on a brand’s site- shouldn?t you be able to chat about with others about it?

While you are about to personalize you new Nikes- should you be able to check with someone who?s also in the store to see what they think of your design?

Or how about trading ideas about relevant business books in the Amazon bookstore?

The opportunities seem infinite.

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