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The movie theater ad slide show in a narrowcast world

January 17, 2007

If you took a trip to your local movie theater this weekend and were foolish enough to arrive before the main feature, you would probably have been assaulted by some low-fi slide show sponsored by a soda giant like Pepsi or Coke.

Everyone moans about ads in movie theaters, but they seem to be making matters worse for themselves.

The weird thing is that many of the ads actually promote the cinema advertising medium; encouraging would be advertisers to consider the medium.

That’s advertisers who also happen to be in the movie theater, but they are also running ads encouraging people to consider a career in cinema advertising sales.


What impression does this leave the average consumer with?

1. “They aren’t selling enough ads, so they need to add their own”
2. “They aren’t selling enough ads and they are asking me to come and work for them”
3. “Why would I want to sell something I hate?”
4. “Are they are asking me to work with them or advertise with them? Well not me, but perhaps someone else in the theater, who wants to run ads that people hate.”

If the consumer remembered any of the movie theater advertising’s pitches, they are certainly going to be left with one clear message, next time, don’t arrive early.

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