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Ubiquity isn’t the new exclusivity

January 16, 2007

The New York Times reported yesterday on the rise of advertising everywhere, a trend, if that’s what it’s called, that’s been going on for decades.

A prominent advertising executive is quoted in the piece suggesting that ubiquity is the new exclusivity.


It reminds us of another urban legend.

Twelve our more years ago, the famous head of an advertising agency was looking out of his hotel window in Switzerland. It was an idyllic scene; a blue sky, snowcapped mountains in the background, in the foreground, traditional houses were clustered around the town square, but rather too quickly his eyes focused upon upon the center of the square, where he saw dozens of tattered, dirty, torn umbrellas all bearing the name of one of the world’s most famous soda companies.

The head of the ad agency immediately fired off a letter to the CMO of the soda company, suggesting that it wasn’t good to be in the visual pollution business and that ubiquity, was, a very bad thing.

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