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User generated content overkill

June 14, 2007

The great hype machine rolls on with the user generated content phenomenon. It seems these days every consumer interaction with a corporation creates user generated content. The catch all phrase has now reached such ridiculous levels of overuse, it’s rapdily becoming meaningless.

Contests have been going on since the dawn of marketing, but they are suddenly examples of user generated content!!

“APPLEBEE’S IS THE LATEST CASUAL-DINING chain to lend new meaning to “consumer-generated content.”

The company is launching a program aligned to its relationship with The Food Network and celebrity chef Tyler Florence that gives consumers a chance to design a new menu item on the Applebee’s menu. The effort follows a similar program by Wendy’s, which is running a promotion that encourages people to design a burger from a broad range of ingredients and dangles $25,000.”


It’s now time to invent some new phrases.

Posted by Ed Cotton

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