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Abc explains lost

February 9, 2007

Before the new series broke last night, ABC took the unusual step of explaining the show Lost to millions of uninitiated Americans.

It was basically an hour-long infomercial with the two producers telling the story behind the show and why so many people care about it and its characters.

Despite ABC showing its strategy, it worked pretty well as a show; setting the context, explaining the characters, etc.

Clearly it’s a response from ABC executives who want to squeeze every single rating point from this franchise before it comes to an end. It also seems to be a response to consumer research suggesting although the show has its loyal base, it’s finding it hard to gain new viewers because it’s too complex to get into.

However, it just shows that if you have something of interest, it sometimes worth coming out and explaining it.

Although it might not feel instinctively like something that creators and creative people should be doing, if it brings more people into the franchise, all well and good.

In a way, it’s really no different from making DVD type-content accessible.

The idea of creating programming to explain yourself has applications way beyond the entertainment industry, with online video lowering broadcast costs, there’s no reason why
Edumericals; long-format brand education pieces shouldn’t become more popular.

If your brand has stories to tell, go on, tell them.

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