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From closed to open

May 30, 2007

In the last week, there have been a couple of really interesting developments in the world of media.

– New media entity Facebook, run by a 23 year-old,  opened up its API to third party developers.

– Old media giant, CBS purchased Wallstrip, Last FM and opened up its video content to broad internet distribution.

launching the CBS Audience Network we solidified our position as the
most widely distributed professional content provider on the Web thanks
to our great video distribution partners. We now want to empower our
audience to be creative and deepen their experience with our content by
allowing them to share and embed CBS-provided clips to their blogs,
wikis, widgets, community sites and whatever else gets thrown our way.
We are delighted to have so many quality partners — established and
start ups — helping to bring CBS content to the online community.”

Quincy Smith-CBS Interactive

these developments are significant, they recognize that the closed
systems of old cannot compete in today’s marketplace. To survive, you
have to open things up and let your content out or let others come in
and play.

Look around you, there are dozens of closed systems
that are ripe for change, one is mobile communication. One interesting
exception will be the iPhone, it’s Wi-Fi enabled, users will not be obliged to use AT&T’s network to make calls.

is a trend Influx was been talked about for years and it applies to
brands as they start to develop content and become more media like in
their behavior. Create stuff, open up that creativity to others and
distribute it freely. The idea that people have to come to your site to
check out your content, is antiquated. Bud.TV might have been a success
if it could have found a way to distribute its content around the
internet (something it’s now thinking about), instead of demanding that people come and visit.  

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